Welcome to the Monarch Sister Schools Program

Students in the United States and Canada plant ‘Monarch Habitat Gardens’ at their schools and use them as outdoor classrooms. In Mexico, students raise oyemel saplings to plant with their communities to help reforest the Monarch’s winter habitat. The video below shows Monarchs in one of their winter sanctuaries. Read More +

‘Save the Monarchs’ Campaign

The sad news of the sharp drop in the population of the Monarch Butterflies, recently reported by the New York Times, has compelled us to launch our ‘Save the Monarchs’ Campaign to raise funds to help schools and other ‘Friends of the Monarch’ to plant Monarch Habitat Gardens and restore native habitat to stop the precipitous decline of the Monarch Butterfly. Read More +

Welcome to MonarchSister Schools

The awesome experience of seeing Monarch butterflies in their overwintering sanctuaries as experienced by Mexican student leaders in February, 2010, in the state of Michoacán.